Victoria Thompson, RN, JD Wood Working


Welcome to my new blog!

Rule one: be nice.  Rule two: be nice. (Get the drift?) Wood working is fun.  Let’s keep it that way.  Wood working is a very necessary industry for the US to develop more so.  Think global, buy local.  Furniture and cabinetry should be locally built to last as heirlooms and as not throw away cheaply built, imported junk.  Is there room fro some cheaply built pieces in a home?  I suppose.  Buy American made first though!  One of the first tips I have as a wood worker is to watch where your stock wood is coming from.  I built my kitchen cabinets with furniture grade (baltic birch) ply sold by Home Depot but coming from right here in Texas.  Your wood is marked as to its origin.  Vote with your dollars.  I also used Pacific Northwest Big Leaf Maple from Oregon.  I can confidently state that at 90% of the kitchen is from the USA, appliances included.   I do use exotics on small projects.  Many wood species are not grown in this country.  I watch for where it is coming from.  I do my best to avoid any rain forest wood stock.  Responsible forestry includes thinning and growth management.  I do my best to find wood from sources that use best management practices.  Ask where the source is and research them.  Vote with your dollars. Watch out for that ply from China – very thin laminate layers and orange glue that is a toxic mess. 

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